Education at university level

We are here to serve  and help you. Our agency offers a range of important services including study in Belarus, investment tourism, buying property and etc.


Our agency provides

  • 1) Data processing – collection data on applicants to obtain a higher education on the Republic of Belarus.
  • 2) Submission of documents to universities.
  • 3) Receiving a permission from university administration to study in Belarus.
  • 4) Receiving an invitation to study.
  • 5) Getting a residence permit in Belarus taken by the Citizenship and Migration Department.
  • 6) Sending the original invitation to the airport.
  • 7) Meeting at the airport and full student support to an university.
  • 8) Provision of housing and formation of rental contract (Formation is undertaken at the student’s expense).
  • 9) Document translation from English into Russian and translation verification (Passport and Certificate).
  • 10) Accompanying support to a university and submission of original documents.
  • 11) Implementation of all procedures for admission to a university: the filing of documents for annual registration, documents for admission, payment for tuition and etc.
  • 12) Accompanying support to medical examination (A student independently pays for examination).
  • 13) A guided city tour.
  • 14) Assistance with Internet connection, Sim-card and opening a bank account.
  • 15) Transport service during registration.
  • 16) Assistance in resolving emerging issues during the year.


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Tourism in Belarus


If you decide to learn the history and culture of Belarus and also to capture the most unforgettable moments and places of our country, you need to provide:

1) Copy of passport

2) Certificate of your work place and your profession

Our services


 Hotel reservation

Meeting at the airport and accompanying during your visit

An experienced guide

Transport service


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