Education at university level

Education at university level

We are here to serve  and help you. Our agency offers a range of important services including study in Belarus, investment tourism, buying property and etc.


Our agency provides

  • 1) Data processing – collection data on applicants to obtain a higher education on the Republic of Belarus.
  • 2) Submission of documents to universities.
  • 3) Receiving a permission from university administration to study in Belarus.
  • 4) Receiving an invitation to study.
  • 5) Getting a residence permit in Belarus taken by the Citizenship and Migration Department.
  • 6) Sending the original invitation to the airport.
  • 7) Meeting at the airport and full student support to an university.
  • 8) Provision of housing and formation of rental contract (Formation is undertaken at the student’s expense).
  • 9) Document translation from English into Russian and translation verification (Passport and Certificate).
  • 10) Accompanying support to a university and submission of original documents.
  • 11) Implementation of all procedures for admission to a university: the filing of documents for annual registration, documents for admission, payment for tuition and etc.
  • 12) Accompanying support to medical examination (A student independently pays for examination).
  • 13) A guided city tour.
  • 14) Assistance with Internet connection, Sim-card and opening a bank account.
  • 15) Transport service during registration.
  • 16) Assistance in resolving emerging issues during the year.


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